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Everyone these days know 3D/4D ultrasounds are all the hype. It’s a special moment during your pregnancy you get a glimpse into your womb to see the progress your little one is making. Not only do you get to see the progress in growth like how filled out those cheeks have become, but you may also get a little sneak peek of their personality. Often we catch babies doing some pretty adorable things. For example, we might see baby sucking his/her thumb or do some cute stretches and a big yawn. We’ve seen them do some silly things too like put their toes in their mouth or try to suck their umbilical

cord. You may even catch a glimpse of baby opening his or her eyes. But what always gets us are the smiles. You know, the smiles that just melt your heart and make you yearn for the moment you first get to meet and hold your baby? Yeah, those types of little smiles.

We also love checking for hair. Did you know you can see that on ultrasound? Hands and feet are always fun to get too. This shots are a little more challenging but we always go for the opportunity if baby allows.

3D/4D ultrasounds are a fun way to celebrate your pregnancy and the arrival of your baby. It’s a milestone and a timeless keepsake of this special time in your life. We love being apart of our mom and dads pregnancy journey and look forward to making their 3D/4D ultrasound session memorable and special in every way. Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages to see more of our amazing 3D/4D ultrasound pictures!

  • Dana Krider

We love gender determination ultrasounds. Did you know we can accurately tell your baby’s gender as early as 13 weeks with ultrasound? Ultrasound technology is a safe and reliable way to accurately determine if you are having a little princess or a little prince. Not only will you find out the gender of your baby but we will be sure to capture some amazing pictures, measurements, and the sound of your babys heartbeat, but you will also get a free sneak at your baby in 3D/4D. We will strive to make this an unforgettable experience for you but dont worry you will also receive a movie of the entire ultrasound to treasure forever. Planning a gender reveal? We have no problem keeping a secret. Just remind your sonographer at the beginning of your ultrasound session that you would like the gender to be put in an envelope. If for any reason we are unsure of your baby’s gender we will invite you back in within a couple of days for another free ultrasound. But don’t worry this is rare. So go ahead and book your gender determination ultrasound with us today!

  • Dana Krider

Did you know we can see hair on ultrasound? So many parents come in for their 3D/4D ultrasound session and are amazed at how clearly they can see their sweet little ones chubby cheeks and pouty lips but are completely shocked when we point out their babies hair. While ultrasounds can’t tell the texture or color they can pretty much gage about how much hair baby has if any. So not only do you get to marvel at your beautiful babies little features and expressions, such as smiles and the occasional frowns here and there you can also find out if your carrying a little baldie or a baby Chewbacca. Ultrasound offers not only an incredible source diagnostic information in a medical setting but can safely tell so much of your baby’s looks and features especially with our 3D/4D HD live ultrasound technology!

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