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Frequently Asked Questions......




What is the difference between 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasounds?


2D Ultrasounds produce the traditional black and white images that most people are use to seeing. For example, these images outline your baby's profile. 3D Ultrasounds show your babys face in a three dimensional view. You will be able to clearly see your baby's facial structure and characteristics. 4D takes a still 3D image and adds time to the image. The result is seeing your baby live in a 3D image, like watching your little one star in his or her own movie!


How can I prepare for my ultrasound?


About three to four days prior to your appointment be sure to drink extra water.  This helps the amniotic fluid to be at its optimum level and clarity.  This helps us achieve the best images possible. The better hydrated you are the better your images will be.



Is  ultrasound and 3D/4D ultrasound safe for my baby and I?

Ultrasounds have been used for over 35 years with millions of images produced. Countless of studies and medical research have been conducted and no proven harmful effects have been deemed from its proper use. 3d/4D ultrasounds use the same frequency as a traditional 2D scan. Ultrasound uses sound waves to produce images and not radiation.


What is the best time to have a 3D/4D ultrasound?


This depends entirely on what you are looking to get out of your session.  Many moms like to come in twice, typically between 16-26 weeks when you can see the entire baby as a whole, and then later on between 27+ weeks when your baby has developed more fatty tissue and you can distinctly see facial features.  As you approach your due date it becomes more of a challenge to achieve good images because the baby is running out of room. However, every pregancy is different and many times we are able to achieve excellent images all the way up to your due date. 


Are you able to determine the gender of my baby?


At 13 weeks we are able to determine gender with a high accuracy. However, if your baby is not in a suitable position to see the gender you will be eligible to come back for a second complimentary scan.


Are family and friends allowed  to come to my appointment?


Absolutely! The more the merrier! This is a special moment that we encourage whomever you wish to share it with to be present.  Children are welcomed as well. The ultrasound will be projected onto a large projecter so that everyone is able to watch.


Do you accept insurance?


Unfortuately, insurance companies do not pay for elective ultrasounds.

Elective ultrasound are intended for creating memories, keepsakes and starting the bonding process early.

What exactly is an elective ultrasound and how does this differ from an ultrasound with my doctor?

An elective ultrasound is an ultrasound that you choose to have without the need of a prescription or a referral. This means our ultrasounds are non-diagnostic. The services preformed at our facility can not substitute medical care. Our ultrasounds are special and unique because they show you a glimpse of your baby in the womb, aid in bonding with your baby, and we are dedicated and determined to show you your baby's face as clearly as we possibly can. We are also determined to determine your baby's gender with ultrasound as early as 13 weeks gestation. 


What are the payment options for the ultrasound?


We accept cash and all major forms of credit cards for our services.












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