Did you know you can accurately find out your babies gender as early as 8 weeks gestation? We hold clincals every Monday from 9 am - 10am. At this time we have a phlebotomist come in and drawl blood from our expectant mommies. We also perform a quick ultrasound to ensure your baby is measuring at least 8 weeks. We send you home with 2 printed images and you get the results of your babys gender as early as 24 hours later. Results are 99.1% accurate. We are so happy to be able to offer this phenomenal service to our expectant families. Your are also welcomed to receive 10% off any future ultrasound services. Be sure to come back later down the road to see your baby with our high definition 3D/4D ultrasound technology. Dont forget all of our moms are always allowed to be accompanied with 4 extra guests. Our ultrasound sessions are the perfect way to bond with your unborn child.

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  • Dana Krider

Santa might be against sneaking peeks before December 25 but here at Miracle In Progress Ultrasound we certainly aren’t. Regardless of what stage of pregnancy you are in we have the perfect ultrasound package for you. The holidays are a great time to announce your pregnancy or the gender of your baby. We have the cutest Christmas ornaments and frames in shop that make adorable gifts and keepsakes. We also have gender reveal supplies and cannons ready for purchase. Our 3D/4D ultrasound packages are great at any stage of pregnancy but our favorite time 25-30 weeks. This is when baby is nice and filled out but not too big too get decent windows.

Our ultrasound packages make the best gifts for the mom to be in your life. For the month of December we are offering gift certificates discounted 20% off with code HOLIDAYMIP.

  • Dana Krider

It makes us so happy to recieve birth announcements and texts! We love seeing side by sides of babies in the womb and outside of the womb. It is amazing to compare these before and after images. Thankfully with 3D 4D ultrasound technology you don’t have to wait till after birth to start collecting photos of your baby. Maybe baby has mommy’s lips and daddy’s nose? We can see your little ones distinct features with 3D/4D ultrasound. Schedule your 3D 4D ultrasound with us today and let us show you your baby!

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