Interested in booking a 3D/4D scan but worried your baby might not be the most cooperative? Don’t worry you are in good hands. For one, Miracle In Progress has top notch equipment and a team of the most sweetest, skilled, trained and registered sonographers you’ll ever meet. So now that thats covered you maybe wondering when the best time to book your ultrasound might be? You are welcomed to come in any time during your pregnancy however our favorite time is weeks 26-32. At this stage baby is nice and filled out but not too squished in there. Offen moms even get great images all the way to full term but a good time for all mamas is 26-32 weeks.

Another common question we get is “which package do you recommend?” We have a variety of packages to choose from. Our 2 higher tier packages come with free rescans if your baby doesn’t cooperate the first time around. It is our goal to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your ultrasound within parameters that we have control over of course.

Final Tips To Prepare For Your Ultrasound Remember to stay nice and hydrated a few days prior to your ultrasound appointment. The better hydrated you are the clearer the images. Hydration isnt an instant process so remember to start chugging the extra water a few days in advance. We can not stress the importance of hydration enough for clear images and most importantly optimum health purposes. Be sure to come in after a snack or a meal. A fasting state may cause baby to be sleepy and a sleepy baby may be difficult to move into a good position if he or she is hiding. Finally, choose the best time that suits your little one. Is your baby more active in the morning or evening? Baby’s are most easiest to image if they are in a more awake state. Be sure to schedule accordingly. So now that we covered all the bases to prepare for a successful 3D/4D ultrasound you can schedule your session in confidence knowing that you and our team will be best prepared to capture your sweet little one during this special time. We can’t wait to meet you and show you, your baby!

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  • Dana Krider

Not only do we strive to provide the best quality and experiences when it comes to our ultrasound services but we are excited to announce some amazing changes with our Sneak Peek Clinical Early DNA testing. Moms can now be as early as 7 weeks gestation to accurately determine thier babies gender with clinically proven 99.9 % accuracy. Trusted by over 460,000 moms and satisfied customers Sneak Peek is the most sensitive and accurate test available on the market for 7 weeks of gestation. Not only is Sneak Peek able to accurately determine gender earlier than most DNA tests, they have also created a simpler and virtually painless way to collect blood for your DNA sample with the New SneakPeek Snap! The micro needles used are just the width of a human hair. The microneedles only reach the epidermis (first layer of skin), where there are few or little nerve endings yeilding a virtually painless blood collection! With SneakPeek Snap we aren’t limited to Monday morning clinicals with a phlebotomists. We can now perform SneakPeek clinicals on any day at anytime. So all you need to do is book your desired day and time along with making sure you are at least 7 weeks pregnant. Our SneakPeek service also comes with an ultrasound. During the ultrasound portion of the visit we will measure your baby, measure the heart rate and print 2 images for you to take home!

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Did you know that the amniotic fluid you carry is what results in clear ultrasound images? Often we encourage our moms to drink extra water for a few days prior to thier ultrasound sessions. The reason we do this is because the better hydrated you are the clearer and more abundant your amniotic fluid is. This is the secret to clear 3D/4D images. It is also the one and only thing a mom can do to ensure a successful 3D/4D ultrasound session. Certain things are out of our control such as position of baby, babies hands, position of placenta etc but superior hydration is the one thing moms can do for nice clear ultrasound photos. So be sure to increase your hydration those few days prior leading up to your scan. We look forward to showing you your baby and creating experiences and keepsakes that you can past down to future generations.

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