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  • Dana Krider

Did you know we can see hair on ultrasound? So many parents come in for their 3D/4D ultrasound session and are amazed at how clearly they can see their sweet little ones chubby cheeks and pouty lips but are completely shocked when we point out their babies hair. While ultrasounds can’t tell the texture or color they can pretty much gage about how much hair baby has if any. So not only do you get to marvel at your beautiful babies little features and expressions, such as smiles and the occasional frowns here and there you can also find out if your carrying a little baldie or a baby Chewbacca. Ultrasound offers not only an incredible source diagnostic information in a medical setting but can safely tell so much of your baby’s looks and features especially with our 3D/4D HD live ultrasound technology!

  • Dana Krider

This month we will be offering 10% off of all gift certificates for any ultrasound package. This includes all packages such as a basic 2D Ultrasound, gender ultrasound, or a 3D 4D ultrasound. An ultrasound can make a wonderful gift to an expectant mother and father. Our ultrasound packages provide memories, keepsakes and the gift of early bonding. We also carry My Babys Heart Beat Bears and Animals to save babies heart beat inside! We offer Christmas ornaments to announce your pregnancy or just proudly display your babies ultrasound on your tree. These also make great gifts for grandparents. We carry Itzy Ritzy products. Have you checkout out their gorgeous diaper bags yet?! They are fashionable and are very practical for mom and baby.

  • Dana Krider

There are so many ways you can bond with your unborn child during pregnancy. Making a connection with your baby during pregnancy can strengthen your bond with him or her. There are numerous ways you can do it.

Ultrasound: Our favorite is ultrasounds. Ultrasounds can make a pregnancy feel more real. Regardless of how many weeks you are. Especially for dads and siblings. It allows you to put a face and even personality behind moms growing belly. 3D/4D (HD live/ 5D) ultrasounds are the best way for allowing moms and family members to see the baby’s facial characteristics as clear as possible. Gender determination ultrasounds provide information on your baby’s sex as early as 13 weeks. And even an early first trimester ultrasound allows you to visualize your growing baby and his/her heartbeat.

Reading: Reading or talking to your baby is also great for bonding. During this process baby can hear mom or dads voice. Not only will mom and dads voice become familiar and comforting but the story might end up sounding familiar as well!

Singing: Just like reading, signing to your baby is great for bonding. The comfort and familiarly of your voice and the song is soothing and relaxing to your little one. Or you can even play upbeat music and your baby may respond by enjoying the tune with you while kicking away in there.

Playing: When you know baby is awake and active you can play a little game of tag with him or her. Feel something poking out, gently poke it back. Baby will be aware of your presence and may even poke you back again.

Pregnancy Journal: This is a great way to record your feelings, milestones, hopes and dreams for your little one. It’s something that will help you bond but also can be shared or passed down to your child when he or she is older.

Shopping/ nesting: preparing for baby can be fun. Looking at tiny baby clothes and baby gear can just melt your heart. Just imagine picturing your little one in all those teeny tiny clothes and shoes! Setting up a nursery room or area in your room can be a bonding experience also. Preparing a space for your baby helps you to prepare emotionally and get excited about your new addition.

No matter which ways you choose to bond with your unborn baby all of them are great! If you do choose to do an ultrasound please know that we take great pride in ensuring all moms have a wonderful experience at our ultrasound studio. We offer the best in Ultrasound technology, experience, and pricing in New Jersey, Delaware, and the Philadelphia area.

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