Did you know that the amniotic fluid you carry is what results in clear ultrasound images? Often we encourage our moms to drink extra water for a few days prior to thier ultrasound sessions. The reason we do this is because the better hydrated you are the clearer and more abundant your amniotic fluid is. This is the secret to clear 3D/4D images. It is also the one and only thing a mom can do to ensure a successful 3D/4D ultrasound session. Certain things are out of our control such as position of baby, babies hands, position of placenta etc but superior hydration is the one thing moms can do for nice clear ultrasound photos. So be sure to increase your hydration those few days prior leading up to your scan. We look forward to showing you your baby and creating experiences and keepsakes that you can past down to future generations.

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  • Dana Krider

Did you know we offer many different ways to determine your baby’s gender? We offer Sneak Peek DNA clinical testing to find out your baby’s gender as early as 8 weeks. Sneak Peek Clinical sends us out a trained phlebotomists to safely drawl your blood. Your results are sent overnight to a lab to determine your baby’s gender. This is established by seeing if there is an x (girl) or Y (boy) chromosome in your blood. Results are issued via email mail within 24 hours.

Another popular way to find out your baby’s gender is through ultrasound. We start gender determination ultrasounds as early as 13 weeks! There’s no longer a need to wait to figure out the sex of your baby until your 20 weeks anatomy ultrasound! We can tell you accurately as early as 8 weeks through blood test or 13 weeks through ultrasound. Knowing your baby’s gender can help you and your loved ones prepare for your new bundle of joy. So much preparation goes into all the little details from your baby shower, to the nursery to your babies sweet itty bitty clothes. Alrhough, we love telling families the gendere of their babies we totally understand the excitement of that waiting and being surprise. If you wish not to know the gender of your baby please know that if you come in for an ultrasound with us we will respect your decision and your privacy. We look forward to showing you, your baby!

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  • Dana Krider

Often do parents wonder when the best time frame is for 3D/4D ultrasounds. When it comes to singleton pregnancies and twin pregancies the time window is pretty different. Singles can often (but not always) get great images all the way up to then end of thier gestation. Where as, twins tend to run out of room much quicker, after all there is 8 limbs in there! Twin moms are encouraged to come in for 3D ultrasound as early as 13 weeks to 25 weeks. Around 13 weeks we often can get incredible images of them together in the same image however, as time goes by this may be a little more challenging. Around the 25th week mark the babies should be nice and filled out but not too squished that images are compromised.

Be sure to bear in mind, no matter if your carrying one baby or multiples to stay nice and hydrated a few days prior to your 3D/4D ultrasound. The better hydrated you are the clearer your ultrasound images will appear.

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