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Preparing For Your Ultrasound

When It comes to 3D/4D imaging the better hydrated you are the better the images will be. Ultrasound always works best when the sound waves have fluid/water to travel through. A well hydrated system of the mother will help to optimize the image quality.  So here are some tips and guidelines to achieve the best possible images during your visit!

Drinking the physician recommended eight 8 ounce glasses or 64 ounces of water daily throughout pregnancy is most beneficial to help with the clarity of the images of your baby and will also benefit the health of your pregnancy as well.


* If you are naturally a good water drinker, great! Just be certain to keep your water in take up leading up to your appointment, Be sure to drink throughout the day as oppose to drinking all at once.


*If you have not been good about drinking water during your pregnancy, start now and set your appointment ahead for 1 week.

*If you have trouble drinking water try flavoring It. You may also try sports drinks or even juice. There are sugar free options as well to choose from.

*There is no need for a full bladder. Just a comfortable, well hydrated mom!

Be sure to drink or have a snack about 15 miniutes before your scan.  Try some ice cold water or an ice cold fruit drink (as long as you no medical dietary restrictions). 

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