• Dana Krider

A Special Time

We’ve always loved Ultrasound here at Miracle In Progress. Regardless of diagnostic or emotional/elective ultrasound, it is an incredible imaging modality that helps us to safely visualize inside of the body. But lately we have really really been loving what we do. With Covid-19 there are so many moms that have to attend doctor appointments and ultrasound appointments solo. That means no one to share these special moments with. That also unfortunately means many partners are feeling left out. Since Covid-19 we have received numerous phone calls asking if we are allowing moms to bring guests. Often we have dads call, telling us they just want to experience the ultrasound, just to simply see their baby move or hear the heartbeat.

We are so grateful to be providing these moments for our expecting families. We are honored to be a part of their pregnancy journey. We happily welcome these families into our doors. So if you just simply what to see your baby on ultrasound, find out your babies gender or your interested in one of our amazing 3D ultrsound sessions we are here for you and your family.

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