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Affordable 3D/4D/ 5D Ultrasound

Pregnancy is such a magical time in life filled with great joy. The feeling of carrying life inside of you is incredible. There’s so much to look forward to and plan for, from gender reveals, first kicks, baby showers and planning your baby’s nursery. However, there’s one bucket list activity that many parents also feel is a special part of their pregnancy: a 3D/4D 5D/HD ultrasound of course!

We know that preparing for a baby can be a busy and expensive time during life but we don’t want any of our parents to miss out on such a magical experience. At Miracle In Progress Ultrasound we have created packages that fit everyones budget. Our 3D/4D 5D/HD ultrasound

packages start at just $70 and go up from thier. Be sure to check out our Packages and Pricing page for complete details. Also, be sure to check out our social media platforms to see any current or future promotions and contests! We look forward to making this experience extra special for you and your family!

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