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Is Ultrasound Safe During Pregnancy

Many parents are concerned if ultrasounds are safe during pregnancy as well as how many ultrasounds are appropriate during their pregnancy. To answer the first question, ultrasound has been safely used for over 3 decades. There have been zero known harmful risks to either baby or mom in regards to ultrasound, whether It be traditional 2D or the newer 3D/4D ultrasound technology. Ultrasound uses sound waves to capture images unlike an x-ray, or CT Scan which uses radiation. How about the newer 3D/4D imaging, is that safe? 3D/4D ultrasound imaging is the combination of increased data gathering from the probe or transducer and software interpretation after the data acquisition results in these amazing 3D/4D images without using a higher intensity, frequency or ‘power’ output. Miracle In Progress Ultrasound guidelines dictate the systems to be used in the Obstetric Application Mode. This mode is capped by the manufacturer below the FDA limits (94 milliwatts/cm2) for exposure. The system takes simultaneous 2D scans in saggital, coronal and transverse planes and the software renders the 3D/4D images. It’s that simple!

Wondering 'how many ultrasounds are too many?', the answer is easy. Many moms are closely monitored through ultrasound on a weekly basis. For example, moms who have experienced IVF or other fertility treatment are often monitored on a weekly basis throughout their entire first trimester of pregnancy. For many other medical concerns moms may even be monitored on a weekly basis during the later stages of pregnancy as well.

All in all, ultrasound has been around for many years without any known negative effects. From monitoring the well being and bonding with our unborn babies, ultrasound has been a real treasure to modern medicine.

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