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Let There Be Light!

Often many clients comment on our light fixture. It’s nothing fancy however, it is a fun and unique statemenent in our studio and is often a conversation piece. People are always asking things like where it come from, did I make it, did it take long to put together. I always joke with them and say “well, it did come from Ikea and if you’re familiar with that store, you put nearly everything you purchase there together.”

Talking about this fixture with so many guests made me realize why I chose this piece for my studio. This light fixture is unique, fun, and it’s magical to stare at. That is what I want people to feel about thier experience here at, Miracle In Progress Ultrasound. Seeing your baby in 3D/4D/5D ultrasound is an extraordinary experience. It puts a face to that beautiful growing bump, those kicks, punches, and all those midnight cravings and bathroom trips. Plus, all the keepsakes that are provided for you to share with your baby someday. We truly want to provide a unique experience for you to remember forever. So just like the light fixture and the experience of a 3D/4D/5D ultrasound, you my dear sweet mama, are beautiful and magical yourself. You are creating and bringing forth life. It doesn’t get anymore beautiful and magical than that!

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