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No Photos Please!

So your appointment for your 3D4D HD live ultrasound appointment is booked and you are counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds till you get to see your baby’s face. You arrive, fill out a quick form, hop onto the table, and warm gel is placed on your belly along with the ultrasound probe. Baby is in there and playing a sweet game of hide and seek. So, what do we do in this situation?

No worries, we have a few tricks up our sleeve. For starters, about 15-30 minutes prio to your ultrasound appointment be sure to eat/drink something that way the baby is nice and awake for us. We can get them to move best when they are more in an awake state. You may be asked to roll onto your left or right side or to empty your bladder. Another trick we may try is giving you a bottle of ice cold water. This tends to help bc of the extreme difference in temperature between your body and the cold beverage. A snack may help too or even some gentle pokes around your belly.

Typically, babies respond well to these tricks but if all else fails don’t worry we have you covered. Our gender packages, and two of our highest tier 3D/4D HD Live packages come with free rescans. That way you have the best chance of achieving those dreamy 3D/4D HD Live images you see floating all over social media. Here at Miracle In Progress Ultrasound our main focus is meeting our expecting parents expectations.

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