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Simple Advice & Tips for a Successful 3D4D Ultrasound

Planning a 3D/4D or HD live 5D Ultrasound? We have a few tips to take into consideration upon booking your ultrasound session. First the best time for 3D/4D or HD Live 5D is weeks 25 and up. It’s always best to come in the sooner the better before baby begins to run out of room, however many of times we get beautiful images all the way up to full term. Next be sure to stay extra hydrated. This preparation begins a few days prior to your appointment. It takes a few days to see the hydrating effects of drinking extra water. We recommend starting 3 days before your scan. If water is difficult to tolerate try adding fresh lemon or other fruits in to add some flavor. Hydration really helps to achieve beautiful 3D4D HD/5D ultrasound images. Finally, be sure to eat/drink a snack within the hour of your appointment. This helps to ensure baby is nice and awake during the ultrasound. When babies are awake during the ultrasound they tend to be more cooperative. Another helpful trick is to try to schedule your ultrasound during the part of the day when you know baby is typically awake. So now that you know the 3 most important tips for a successful 3D/4D HD/5D ultrasound you’re ready to schedule your appointment. We hope you have found these tips useful and look forward to capturing beautiful 3D/4D or HD/5D ultrasound images and memories of your precious baby in the future.

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