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Sneak Peek Clinical Gender Determination

Did you know you can accurately find out your babies gender as early as 8 weeks gestation? We hold clincals every Monday from 9 am - 10am. At this time we have a phlebotomist come in and drawl blood from our expectant mommies. We also perform a quick ultrasound to ensure your baby is measuring at least 8 weeks. We send you home with 2 printed images and you get the results of your babys gender as early as 24 hours later. Results are 99.1% accurate. We are so happy to be able to offer this phenomenal service to our expectant families. Your are also welcomed to receive 10% off any future ultrasound services. Be sure to come back later down the road to see your baby with our high definition 3D/4D ultrasound technology. Dont forget all of our moms are always allowed to be accompanied with 4 extra guests. Our ultrasound sessions are the perfect way to bond with your unborn child.

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