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About Hamilton

After 8 years of business we recently opened our second location in Hamilton, NJ. We have been so excited to expand our experience and services to the Mercer County, NJ area.

Our studio is coming a long nicely. It's been so much fun decorating our new space and picking out furniture and decor. Much thought with our expectant families in mind went into decorating this space in order to achieve an aesthetic and comfortable space.

Our boutique lounge area has an adorable area for photo ops. We are going to add some more decor and props to this area to really tie it together. Just like our Mantua location we have a collection of curated items for mom and baby. We love our adorable high quality bamboo pajamas. Not to mention our popular recordable heartbeat animals are always a must have. Then of course we have stuff for moms like belly casting kits, water tumblers, fetal Dopplers and much more stuff. Think of it as a one stop shop for all things baby!


Then finally is our ultrasound room. This is where the magic happens. Just like our Mantua location we decided to go with the large projection screen. Our South Jersey families really love it and we wanted to incorporate that wow factor for our second location as well.

We carefully selected our new bed with moms comfort in mind. We know pregnancy can be hard on the body and getting comfortable can be a challenge so we wanted to choose something extra comfortable so you could enjoy your ultrasound experience. We also wanted something sleek and modern but also soft with cushion. This bed is amazing and we are able to adjust it to your comfort. We only want the best for our moms.

Finally, the real gem in the studio is our ultrasound machine. It is a GE Volson E8. Which has amazing high definition 3D/4D ultrasound capabilities. You may have heard it commonly referred to as 5d ultrasound. It's the perfect ultrasound machine to capture your baby during this precious time.

We hope that you come and check out our new space for yourselves. Again, we are so excited to expand our ultrasound services and bring joy to the expectant families in the surrounding area. We hope to see you soon!

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