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Rest Assured

Ultrasounds have many uses but so many moms find comfort in the sessions we provide. There is nothing like watching your baby wiggle and kick on the screen before you can feel it, or seeing the flicker of that tiny heartbeat. These moments are monumental to many expectant moms.

Although you can always schedule an ultrasound session with us for a little peace of mind,the first few weeks is the most common times we notice moms need that extra comfort. There are two reasons for this usually; they want to see that first heartbeat and visualize the baby in the proper spot, the uterus. Another common time is that transition between the first and second trimester. Often our moms tell us pregnancy symptoms resolve, they may not be able to feel movement regularly or if at all and they may not look pregnant yet. These factors may make mom a little anxious. Seeing thier babies on the screen provide an instant relief of comfort.

Many moms we see have also underwent fertility treatments and were use to getting weekly ultrasounds from thier fertility doctor. Once released from their fertility doctors and to thier OBs they aren't getting ultrasounds regularly anymore. During this transition we are so happy to provide peace and reassurance to our expectant families.

Whatever your reason is for just wanting to see your baby, we get it! We are here for you, mama!

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