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Boy or Girl?!

Did you know we offer many different ways to determine your baby’s gender? We offer Sneak Peek DNA clinical testing to find out your baby’s gender as early as 8 weeks. Sneak Peek Clinical sends us out a trained phlebotomists to safely drawl your blood. Your results are sent overnight to a lab to determine your baby’s gender. This is established by seeing if there is an x (girl) or Y (boy) chromosome in your blood. Results are issued via email mail within 24 hours.

Another popular way to find out your baby’s gender is through ultrasound. We start gender determination ultrasounds as early as 13 weeks! There’s no longer a need to wait to figure out the sex of your baby until your 20 weeks anatomy ultrasound! We can tell you accurately as early as 8 weeks through blood test or 13 weeks through ultrasound. Knowing your baby’s gender can help you and your loved ones prepare for your new bundle of joy. So much preparation goes into all the little details from your baby shower, to the nursery to your babies sweet itty bitty clothes. Alrhough, we love telling families the gendere of their babies we totally understand the excitement of that waiting and being surprise. If you wish not to know the gender of your baby please know that if you come in for an ultrasound with us we will respect your decision and your privacy. We look forward to showing you, your baby!

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