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Early Gender Determination Ultrasound

Here at Miracle In Progress Ultrasound we understand the excitement based around discovering if you will be welcoming a boy or a girl! The earlier the better for many parents. Gender determination ultrasound is a gift of modern technology.  As early as 14 weeks, we can confidently determine your little ones gender with great accuracy. Discovering your babies gender early can be helpful in order to prepare for your little one.

Shopping- You are able to begin shopping earlier, and what girl doesn't like to shop?  When you walk through the doors of Buy Buy Baby you will know exactly whether to head to the pink section or the blue section. Also, if you are having a shower it will make it easier for your guests to search high and low for the perfect little gift.

Nesting- There is also preparing for the nursery to think about.  Once those nesting instincts kick in, knowing your babies gender may have a big influence on decor, paint and even furniture that you and dad might have in mind.

Bonding- This one is my personal favorite. When I was pregnant with my littles, I couldn't help but to wonder and dream of who they were.  Would it be a little boy to build forts and play dinosaurs with or a little girl who would beg for me to polish her little fingers and toes?  Either way would be a blessing for us but knowing helped me to feel a special connection to my babies.  I felt as though the baby now had an identity and wasn't just referred to as "the baby" but as "he" or "she" or even by name. 

Names- Naming a baby can be a lot of pressure on parents. We wonder if the name flows well, if the baby will like it when he or she is older, if its too trendy or too classic, and of course both partners agreeing on a name can sometimes be a challenge. Therefore knowing the gender might make it a little easier to concentrate and narrow it down on girl name options or boy name options. 

As you can see there are many great and amazing reasons to find have an early gender ultrasound. Regardless, of whether or not you choose to find out the gender of your baby we respect your wishes and have no problem keeping the gender discreet if you choose. 

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