• Dana Krider

Hair On Ultrasound?

Did you know we can see hair on ultrasound? So many parents come in for their 3D/4D ultrasound session and are amazed at how clearly they can see their sweet little ones chubby cheeks and pouty lips but are completely shocked when we point out their babies hair. While ultrasounds can’t tell the texture or color they can pretty much gage about how much hair baby has if any. So not only do you get to marvel at your beautiful babies little features and expressions, such as smiles and the occasional frowns here and there you can also find out if your carrying a little baldie or a baby Chewbacca. Ultrasound offers not only an incredible source diagnostic information in a medical setting but can safely tell so much of your baby’s looks and features especially with our 3D/4D HD live ultrasound technology!

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