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How Early Can Gender Be Detected?

At Miracle In Progress we recognize how special finding out the gender of your baby is. There is such a thrill in finding out sooner rather than later. The big question often is “ just how early can I find out”? Thanks to our state of the art GE Volusuon E8 and our sonographer who has almost 13 years of experience you can find out as early as 13 weeks. However, it’s reasonable to question how accurate gender determination can be during the early stages of pregnancy. Like mentioned above with the right equipment and a ”seasoned” or experienced sonographer gender can accurately be accurately distinguished at 13 weeks. Early gender in babies is done by evaluating the “nub theory”. Also, knows as the angle of the dangle. The nub theory implies that all babies around 13 weeks have a nub. Depending on the angle of the nub reveals if you are carrying a baby boy or a baby girl. Nubs that run paralle with the spine result in baby girls. Nubs that are perpendicular to the spine results in baby boys. See the image below for further detail.

It is our goal to reveal your little ones gender as early as possible while striving to have a superb accuracry rate. Here at Miracle In Progress we feel 13 weeks is an excellent time to begin gender determination scans.

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