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Introducing BabyFlix!

We are excited to announce our ultrasound studio will now be collaborating with a new streaming company. Our desire is provide our expecting families with the latest technology and most convenient way to view and share your ultrasound with loved ones. Clients will download a free ap (BabyFlix) to thier phone, tablet or laptop. We will set up an account where any ultrasound videos or images taken at Miracle In Progress Ultrasound will generate right to the ap. What an amazing way to watch and share your gender or HD Live 3D/4D Ultrasound session?!

BabyFlix also offers live broadcasting for those who want to attend your session but are unable to. We always extend our welcome for you to bring guests to the ultrasound studio however, sometimes due to lifes circumstances our loved ones arent always able to be present for these special moments. This is what makes BabyFlix. Your loved ones can watch your ultrasound session live from anywhere in the world.

We are very excited to be offering this product to our expecting parents and really feel you and your families are going to love it.

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