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Preparing for your Elective 3D/4D or Gender Ultrasound

So your ultrasound appointment is all scheduled and you are super excited to see your baby! As you anticipate your appointment date, you tell all your friends and family, and look forward to all of the dreamy images of your sweet baby growing inside your womb! Here are a few tips to ensure you make the best of your ultrasound appointment and achieve those sweet dreamy pictures you have been awaiting for!

1.) Be sure to stay EXTRA HYDRATED the week leading up to the appointment. The recommended daily fluid intake for pregnant women is 64-84 ounces. It is important to drink this amount to make sure there is enough fluid in the amniotic sac. The better the fluid is the better the clarity of the ultrasound images are.

2.) Plan your ultrasound appointment around the time of the day when your baby is most active. Babies often sleep with their hands near or around their face. This can be obstructing for 3D/4D images. Chances are if the baby is more awake their arms/hands will not be hiding their faces as much. Having the baby awake is better also for gender determination. Its difficult to obtain all the views needed to determine the gender if your baby is sleeping with their legs crossed during the appointment. Having the baby more awake and moving around makes your ultrasound more interesting. Not to mention, sometimes we even catch them opening and closing their eyes.

3.) Eat/Drink something right before your ultrasound appointment. Eating prior to your appointment may help the baby be more active and awake. For example, as long as you have no medical dietary restrictions, you can try a cold fruit juice. If your diet doesn't allow you to consume sugar having a bottle of ice cold water on hand may help to get the baby moving as well.

4.) If you wear a dress to your appointment wear shorts underneath or bring shorts to slide on before the scan. During the ultrasound we would have to lift the bottom of the dress to get to your abdomen. Don't worry, If you happen to forget shorts we can supply you with a blanket for coverage.

5.) Be sure to invite your friends and family if you wish to do so! Here at Miracle In Progress Ultrasound we encourage you to share this once in a lifetime experience with your loved ones. These ultrasounds are all about bonding and memories.

6.) Be excited! Your about to see your baby moving and growing inside of you. This ultrasound is your chance to bond with your baby even before birth.

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