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What Is Going On In There?

Ever wonder what your little babe is up to in there? Often it may feel like they are in the middle of a 3:00 am karate class or having a late night dance party at time. Turns out your growing baby can do many things inside the womb.

Open Thier Eyes

Babies in utero are able to open their eyes at end of the second trimester. Often we see babies open their eyes during an ultrasound session and it’s pretty amazing. Although there isn’t much to see in there they can detect light.

Suck Thier Thumb

Yes, your little one can suck his or her thumb or even their toes, they choose! It’s so unbelievably adorable to see on 3D ultrasound. We often capture it as early as 11/12 weeks! They find those little hands early in the game.


Many times during our ultrasounds we see babies drinking the amniotic fluid. However, did you know they can detect what kind of foods you have been eating through the flavor of your amniotic fluid?! How neat?! By the second trimester your babies tastebuds appear just like those of a mature adult.


Babies begin hiccuping late in the first trimester or early in the second trimester. However, you won’t be able to feel them this early. Once you are able to feel them they feel like small light rhythmic movements. We also witness fetal hiccups during our ultrasound sessions as well.

Life inside of the womb is pretty fascinating and you are pretty incredible! After all, your growing this perfect tiny little human inside of you. We are so honored and blessed to be able to show you these incredible milestones and activities that take place inside of your body with the help of ultrasound technology. Be sure to schedule your 2D or 3D/4D ultrasound package with us. We’d love to show you your little miracle

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